South Jersey Tournaments
South Jersey Tournaments
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The 32 Annual South Jersey Shark Tournament is just about here
(June 7-10)
   There's been some activity amongst the shark fishing crews who have ventured out to take a shot at the first makos arriving on our grounds. Two, of several caught over Memorial Day weekend, were weighed here at South Jersey and went 230 lbs.(Sailmaker) and 237 lbs. (Aggressor) on the scales. These would indeed be qualifiers in next weeks 32nd Annual South Jersey Shark Tournament! We're expecting to see more hit the scales this weekend if the weather is fit, and right now it's looking like it will be favorable. Good luck to all those who go!
Still Time for the Early Bird Entry!
   The Early Bird Entry deadline for the Shark Tournament is over at the end of today 6/1/12, so you still have time to get your entry fee in (the entry fee is all that is required, not calcuttas, etc.) and get a shot at winning it back in the drawing. There are usually only about 80 or so people who enter early so your odds are good! To get in on the Early Entry Drawing, Call (609) 884-2400 NOW!
Got Bait?
   We've got plenty of outstanding bait at great prices including whole mackerel (34 lb flats) and chum (45 lb flats of whole bunker, 5 gal.cans of bunker or mackerel chum) is available at South Jersey Marina and Canyon Club Resort Marina. And, if you're docked at one of these facilities, you can even have it delivered to your boat at no charge and stored if a day gets blown out. Call (609) 884-2400 for information or to pre-order.
   The 32nd Annual South Jersey Shark Tournament is guaranteed to be a great time and depending on the number of entries, prize money could top $300K! Come and catch your share!
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Correct Time Schedule for the 32nd Annual South Jersey Shark Tournament.

Please Take Note:
Below are the correct times in regard to the schedule of the 32nd Annual South Jersey Shark Tournament. Some of the times in the Schedule of Events section of certain, already printed, brochures may be incorrect.

Correct Times:

Thursday, June 7, 2012

6:00 PM - Late Registration
7:30 PM Sharp - Captain's Meeting

Friday, June 8, 2012
6:00 AM - Depart Inlet
8:30 AM - 3:30 PM - Fishing
2:30 PM - 7:30 PM - Weigh-In

Saturday, June 9, 2012
6:00 AM - Depart Inlet
8:30 AM - 3:30 PM - Fishing
2:30 PM - 7:30 PM - Weigh-In
6:30 PM - Dockside Dining, Entertainment and Awards

Sunday, June 10, 2012
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Mark Down These Dates! July 20-22, 2012

   WHY?  We'll be kicking off an exciting new tournament!  This completely new event will be primarily an overnighter with an option to fish two days for those who do not wish to layover or if weather is a factor. The target species will be yellowfin/big eye tuna, but will also have divisions for dolphin, wahoo, sword and mako. Those choosing to fish overnight will be able to layover either Thursday/Friday, or Friday/Saturday.  Those choosing to day fish will have the choice of fishing two out of the three available days. The weigh-in and dockside festivities will all take place at South Jersey Marina. We're currently putting the final touches on the event, so stay tuned for more details. It's going to be a good one!
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Calling all Viking and Ocean owners, big and small, old and new!

The 22nd Annual Viking/Ocean Showdown kicks off on Wednesday, July 13th at the beautiful Canyon Club Resort Marina and officially ushers in the start of the billfishing season here in Cape May. This year, the Ocean Yachts Fishing Team will be tasked with winning back the crown for Weekstown, while the Viking Team will be trying to make it two for two.
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Makos and Tigers and..........too much warm water!

Bizarre. That is the only way to describe the water temperatures during our 31st Annual Shark Tournament last week. “In my 26 years of running this event, I can’t remember warm water like that” said Tournament Director, Bob Glover. “We run this event in the same time frame every year and we’re usually right on the meat. All of that warm water swirling around out there certainly confused things, especially the fish!
Participants did manage to catch some Makos, but the Threshers and Blues that we always get were elusive.”
At the Captains Meeting, participants enjoyed complimentary wings courtesy of Gregg Coffey and his C-View Inn and plenty of cold beer courtesy of Joe Canals Liquor Store in Rio Grande.
Anglers hopes were high going into day one despite the warm water and everyone left the dock excited. At the end of the day, only two Makos qualified and would end up holding first and second going into day two. A third place fish hit the scale on Saturday and all three would end up with a paycheck later that night at the awards.
“Overall, I think everyone had a good time despite the abnormal temperatures” said Glover. There were some Blue and Brown shark releases and several largeTigers let go, but it certainly would have been a heck of a lot more fun if the water was at it’s normal temp for this time of year. At least we’ll have some good tuna fishing in the next couple of weeks!”
Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all of the anglers and sponsors who participated!
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The New Jersey Saltwater Recreational Registry Program...... It's EASY!

Individual saltwater anglers ages 16 and older MUST register if ANY of the following criteria are met:

  • Recreationally fish with a hand line or rod and line, spearfish or fish by hand
  • Recreationally fish in the marine and fresh tidal waters of the State of New Jersey
  • Recreationally fish in marine waters outside the State of New Jersey but land the catch in New Jersey

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South Jersey Tournaments presents THE 31st ANNUAL SOUTH JERSEY SHARK TOURNAMENT

The Annual South Jersey Shark Tournament is the first competitive big-game fishing opportunity of the season. Averaging 185 to 200 boats each year, this event is the premiere Shark Tournament in the Mid-Atlantic region. With a cast of over 1,000 anglers participating annually, this exciting event takes place when the bite has been historically at its best in our productive waters off of Cape May. Our shark tournament is structured to provide participants with the best possible fishing hours, lucrative cash prizes and an equal chance for boats of all sizes to compete – all while setting an example of sportsmanship and sound conservation practices.The entry fee is $545 per boat which provides eligibility for tournament prizes and five tickets to all dockside dinners and festivities (additional tickets can be purchased at the Captains meeting).
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2011 South Jersey Tournament Calendar

31st Annual South Jersey Shark Tournament - June 9 - 12, 2011
The richest Shark tournament in NJ!
$288,410 paid out in last year’s event!
22nd Annual Viking/Ocean Showdown - July 13-17, 2011
Viking and Ocean owners go head-to-head in the "War Offshore!"
Who will capture the bragging rights for the year?
10th Annual Mid-Atlantic Tuna Tournament - July 20-23, 2011
The Big Event for Tuna Fisherman!
New trolling only format started last year.
Prize money could top $250,000!
20th Annual Mid-Atlantic $500,000 - August 21-26, 2011
Boat for boat, the richest marlin and tuna tournament in the world!
$1,751,550 paid out last year to 14 winners!
South Jersey Tournaments...
    “A lot more than just great fishing!”
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It's Another Record Setting Week as the 2010 Mid Atlantic $500,000 Draws to a Close!

After a week of fishing that saw white marlin bite in record numbers, it was another down to the wire finish at the 2010 Mid Atlantic $500,000! Over the years the tournament has a history of producing final day heroics and 2010 would be no different. With just minutes before the scales would close at 9 p.m. on Day Five, Matt Kriedel’s Impulse IV based out of Newington, Connecticut backed to the scales at Canyon Club Resort Marina in Cape May with what would be the last fish to be weighed at the tournament. Moments later, weighmaster Chris Booth yelled out the weight to the large crowd which had left the tournament tent and gathered around the scales when word spread of a big fish on the way in. At 177 pounds, Kriedel’s big eye tuna sealed its spot atop the leaderboard in the tuna category and won the crew $168,812!
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Bouncing seas and shy fish are still better than a day at work!

32 boats out of a field of 34 fished on Day 1 of the 9th Annual Mid-Atlantic and were welcomed by less than perfect weather and seas. The tuna that had been present for the previous 2 weeks were playing hard to get as well. When the weigh-in clock struck 8pm, 11 boats had visited the scales and the top contenders were the Moore Bills and the Sea Mistress, both with 69 lb. yellowfin. Over the Top made the board with a 67 pounder, as did the Fin-Ness with one going 66. It was obvious that most participants would initially concentrate on catching larger yellowfin and hopefully a nice, fat big eye. 
As Day 2 arrived, 26 boats had decided to go on what would be another “sporty” day offshore. Six boats would weigh-in their catch by the deadline with the heaviest yellowfin being 64 lbs. on the Jeanie D. The All Geared Up put the first bluefin on the board at 64lbs., which surely altered some of the strategies being considered by the boats eligible to fish the final day.
When day 3 rolled around, only ten boats had one more shot at changing the scoreboard. At the end of the day, only the Sea Mistress and the Playmate would hit the scales. The Sea Mistress weighed-in a 56 lb. yellowfin, not enough to break the first place tie, but enough to add to their stringer weight and earn them an additional Calcutta prize. The Playmate scored with a 67 lb. bluefin which would give them the win in that category. 
All of the winners turned out for the awards party afterward at Canyon Club to share in the fun and collect their winnings. Tournament director Bob Glover jokingly apologized for the lack of fish, and thanked everyone for participating. “Since we changed the format this year, this is essentially a new event and everyone’s been telling us how much they liked it and to stick with it for 2011 and more boats will come.” Glover said. “I think we’ll do just that!